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Mubarak Al Shamisi, Director, Abu Dhabi Convention and Exhibition Bureau, says India being largest MICE source market for Abu Dhabi in 2022, they have been revamping their earlier initiatives and launched Advantage Abu Dhabi Meetings & Incentives 2.0 programme.

Janice Alyosius

The Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi participated at the India Roadshow in Delhi and Mumbai, promoting the emirate as a destination for MICE travel. Coinsiding with the events, Abu Dhabi Convention and Exhibition Bureau, the agency representing the Department of Culture and Tourism – Abu Dhabi, unveiled its Advantage Abu Dhabi (AAD) Meetings & Incentives (M&I) 2.0 programme to stimulate MICE activities to the region and offer more “value-adds and additional benefits” to the stakeholders in order to become more competitive. Post-pandemic, the bureau has adapted its approach to MICE activities, revamping previous initiatives and creatively joining forces with partners to drive further growth.

AAD M&I 2.0 programme

AAD M&I 2.0 programme is an incentive scheme created by the Abu Dhabi Convention and Exhibition Bureau. “The scheme is created to help our partners, clients to push more business events toward the destination. The scheme itself has so many different verticals into it that focus on different elements of the MICE industry. India is one of the most important source markets that we are pushing from a MICE perspective to the destination. We made sure the incentive schemes of Abu Dhabi Convention Exhibition Bureau are tailor-made for the source markets,” revealed Mubarak Al Shamisi, Director, Abu Dhabi Convention and Exhibition Bureau.

Tapping MICE segment in India

The bureau has conducted meetings in India that reflect the strong MICE demand coming from the country into the destination. The incentive programme was made to strengthen the partnerships with clients in India, and to provide a tool to help them bring in more events to the destination. “The programme is tailor-made to the needs of our clients and how we can provide extra support to them to have a great value for their clients, who are coming to the destination, and at the same time supporting the agencies that bring clients to the destination,” he said.

Outlook for Indian market

Emphasising on the outlook for Indian market, Shamisi said, “India is an important source market for Abu Dhabi; cooperate and incentive business from India is very strong. We have started focusing on destination weddings also, which is also an important segment that we are looking into.”

MICE trends

The trends have changed post-pandemic and there is a need for the industry to be flexible and adapt the changes. The Abu Dhabi bureau is working to understand the new trends. They are engaging with their clients and getting their feedback to understand how can they help them make business events earlier coming to the destination rebound strongly. “The negotiations with our clients in India and other source markets resulted in the creation of the 2.0 incentive scheme of Abu Dhabi. The aim is to be very customised and cater to their requirements in the current situation. The industry has come back strongly, we have seen a lot of appeals, a lot of demand from the Indian market coming into the destination from the business events perspective, and this is something really positive for the destination. Now, we are working with our clients, we are here in India in the three major cities in India – New Delhi, Bengaluru and Mumbai – to focus on our clients, to see them face to face here,” said Shamisi.

Incentivising trade

Speaking about the AAD M&I 2.0 programme, Shamisi said that the incentive programme is an umbrella of the incentive scheme. It provides different incentives for different clients. “When we say clients, we go directly to the groups who are coming and incentivising them. We are also incentivising the travel agencies that are working with us to strongly push Abu Dhabi. The mechanism and the way the incentive programme is being implemented makes sure that they get some benefits of driving the business towards the destination. In Abu Dhabi, we recognise loyalty and value partnership,” he said.

Tapping wedding segment

Shamisi said, “We are in the final stages of launching our wedding destination strategy, which we will announce soon. Destination wedding has been rewarding for Oman in the past years; we have seen a lot of weddings happening in the country to an extent that we need to recognise it, we need to work closely with clients, wedding planners and families to create an ecosystem that looks appealing for the destination weddings.”


Clarks Group expands in Sri Lanka Fri, 14 Oct 2022 04:57:10 +0000

Hotel Group opens The Albatross Golf Resort in Kandy. With the Sri Lankan government pushing tourism, coming days will witness a further increase in tourism, says Rahul Deb Banerjee, Vice President, The Clarks Hotels & Resorts.

TT Bureau

The Clarks Hotels & Resorts has strengthened its footprints in Sri Lanka with the opening of The Albatross Golf Resort in Kandy. The hotel group, aiming to promote the country to the Indian travellers, and take advantage of the growing Sri Lankan business and leisure travel market, is aggressively looking for expansion by opening properties in different key locations of the neighboring country.

The Albatross Golf Resort Digana, Kandy by The Clarks, is perched on top of “The Coconut Hill” and has a backdrop of Pidurutalagala Peak. The property is in the close proximity to a 18-hole golf course with breathtaking views of the hills and the Victoria reservoir. It is centrally located, and is in close proximity to temple of the Tooth Relic in Kandy and the Pallekelle International Cricket Stadium. The resort is frequented by international golfers, celebrities, business tycoons, entrepreneurs, and international test cricketers.

This upscale property has eight modern rooms divided into three categories – The Royal Albatross Suite, The Tee off Suite and Deluxe Rooms – catering to guests from all over the globe. The Royal Albatross Suite provides a fascinating wide-span view of the famed Hunnasgiriya, Hanguranketha, Galaha and Piduruthalagala mountain ranges, with the Golf Course, Victoria Waterways and Dam. The magnificent suite boasts of a private balcony, jacuzzi, rain shower, butler service, and equipped with other modern amenities. They have an in-house bar serving strong and exotic mocktails and cocktails. The multi-cuisine restaurant located on the premises offers Indian, Sri Lankan and international cuisines.

Rahul Deb Banerjee, Vice President, The Clarks Hotels & Resorts, said, “As a part of corporate strategy we are expanding both nationally and internationally. We are present in almost all the states of India and we recently have also opened a unique property in Sri Lanka. We are price conscious and believe in providing value for money to our travellers. This is the best time to be in the tourism industry, with the Sri Lankan government pushing tourism, and the pandemic has changed the attitude towards travelling, coming days will witness a further increase in tourism. We are also now promoting Sri Lanka and The Maldives as our new international destinations.”

Gabriel Gunesekere – Head Development, Sri Lanka & the Maldives, said, “We are optimistic that The Clarks expansion has created a buzz in the Sri Lankan Market and will add more properties in the coming months. By 2023, the brand will comprise about 150 properties within its chain.”



‘Tourism needs to give back’ Thu, 13 Oct 2022 08:47:56 +0000

Underlining how powerful the tourism industry is, TAFI President, Ajay Prakash, recounts key initiatives undertaken during the convention recently in Sarawak that were focused on not just rebuilding businesses but also on how the industry can give back to the environment, the community and the destination.

Hazel Jain

“We did achieve what we set out to do with the convention,” says Ajay Prakash, President, Travel Agents Federation of India (TAFI). Analysing the convention, he adds, “We had also set ourselves a target of doing this convention a little differently – in terms of content, in terms of attitude, in terms of approach. And we did manage to raise a few pertinent questions in our members’ minds to get them thinking about how all of us need to re-orient our thinking and our approach to business.”

The idea, he adds, was to bring home the fact that we ought not to be looking at going back to business as usual having come out of the devastation of last two years. “It is important that the tourism industry realises how big an industry it is, with 10% of global GDP, and one in 10 people being employed in this industry. So an industry this size needs to be able to make its voice heard. We have the power to actually influence global events if we come together. This was one of the ideas we wanted to bring out – how resilient our industry is, and how it can be a force for positivity, for growth, for sustainability,” Prakash adds.

Talking the walk

The business sessions were very well-attended, which is always a challenge at conventions, Prakash jokes. The B2B show that Tourism Malaysia organised also went off very well. There were over 120 Malaysian sellers there and it gave TAFI members an opportunity to discover new products and return with a better understanding of Sarawak.

“So I am satisfied with the convention and it was the entire team of TAFI – not just the MC and the convention committee – but a number of other volunteers who came forward to help out. We worked well as a team and the success of the convention is a testament to that. I am also very happy that Zubin Karkaria attended the convention and delivered a keynote address which was apt – he shared a global perspective from a Made in India global leader. We also launched a pledge for gender equality, in association with VFS Global, led by Dr. Elena Primikiri, Head – ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance), VFS Global. The pledge is for accelerating gender equality in the Indian tourism industry. About 50 per cent of the world’s population is female, and the fact that they have never got their rightful due. Many studies have shown that when you promote gender equality, you end up with a better bottomline. Therefore, it is important that we bring home this message to our members – to make a beginning here and now,” Prakash shares.

The second highlight of the convention was TAFI’s effort towards reducing waste in order to ‘build back better’. Towards that, TAFI ensured that the delegate badges were made of recycled paper and had seeds that can be planted after the event. “Small things add up. There is a significant power of one, and if we all do our little bit, it will make a difference,” he says.

The other thing TAFI did was to support the programme called ‘Books Build Legacy’ started by Amelia Roziman, CEO of Business Events Sarawak, who established free youth libraries throughout

Sarawak’s interior areas for young people. She is trying to create libraries in the interiors of Sarawak. To donate towards this cause, TAFI members were requested to bring at least one book. “The idea is that tourism needs to contribute towards community. So it is important that we give back to the environment, to the community, to the destination rather than merely take from it. Hopefully, we have sown some seeds in the minds of our members,” Prakash adds.

BOX: ‘Find your niche’

Speaking at his keynote address at the TAFI Convention, Zubin Karkaria, Founder & CEO, VFS Global, elaborated on exploring alternate revenues of income. He is of the opinion that one should always stick to what one does best. “People are looking for specialists. If you do everything for everyone, you will remain average. If you focus on one thing and do it well, that will work. Choose where you are the market leader and where your core competency lies and where you can add more value. It is difficult to let go of large operations, but if you have the courage to do, let go and find your niche. You will serve your customer and your business well. VFS Global is also focused on ESG (environmental, social, and governance) – especially in terms of women diversity. It has signed a pledge for higher women ratio – today it has over 58 per cent women in VFS Global.”

Jetting through COVID with ease Thu, 13 Oct 2022 04:22:25 +0000

Charter industry is witnessing a new dawn after COVID struck the world. Right from panic travel, to medical transfers, to corporate travel coming back and now inbound queries increasing, the industry is catering to it all. Santosh Sharma shares details and stresses on why technology is the best way forward.

TT Bureau

Santosh Sharma, Co-founder & CEO – Foresee Aviation and Founder, BookMyJet, shared that as far as travel trade is concerned, they have a lot of queries coming in for inbound movements, not just from big travel agencies, but also from medium and small travel agencies. “There are confirmations coming for March to May 2023 as well. Thus, we are reconnecting with all the travel partners. We are talking to them, having informal and formal meetings, and trying to tell them what is happening, what are the new aircraft and updating them as a lot has changed in civil aviation in the last two years,” he added.

He also informed that as far as BookMyJet is concerned, they have completed one year successfully. “We are in the second year and now integrating more features on our app. We have our tech team in place and a beautiful office. Thus, we are integrating new things in the app. In times to come, we will have a lot of international aircraft on the app too,” he said.

Sailing through COVID

Sharma said that the pandemic proved to be a boon to the aviation business. “On 25 May 2020, when the airports were opened for charters, there were many queries coming to office. Many people and corporate houses were travelling and majority of our client were first timers. Even today about 32 per cent of them have remained and are still chartering. Around 60-68 per cent people have gone back to commercial. Out of the 32 per cent people who stuck around, there are many who are deliberating on buying their own private jet. We are already working on four deals right now. I have never seen something like this happening. Overall, while we lost a lot of things during COVID, as far as business is concerned, it came as a boom for our industry. We survived very strongly,” he informed.

Also, he informed, during COVID, most of the movement was for leisure, panic travel or medical travel. “However, post-COVID, the leisure movement has slightly gone down compared to business. So post-pandemic, all the travelling that has happened, 60 per cent is business and 30 per cent is more for leisure—people who have gone to Maldives, Goa, Dubai, Bahrain and Europe. 10 per cent of people are ad hoc travellers. Also, many inbound tourists are coming to India now. They have started making bookings, which is good news for the travel fraternity. Also, there are medical flights happening around the year,” added Sharma.

Domestic rise

Sharma said that when the international borders were closed, people started exploring India. “They wanted to take the family along, apart from business travel. There were people who never chartered in the last 15 years, but during COVID they chartered a lot. People are travelling and do not shy away from taking bigger planes as well,” he said.

Inbound returning

For inbound, he revealed that they recognised the problem that FTOs wanted faster time to get details for their queries. “Hence, we trained over 68 travel agencies, gave them FAQs, and other details for charters to handle some basic questions, so that they could counter those questions. This increased our business. We were also continuously in touch with them and even suggested them regarding itineraries. Instead of a vendor, we work as a partner. Today, not just the Golden Triangle, people want to go to some smaller places. We have received many off-beat queries. Most importantly, the government has made many airports operational, which allows us to operate aircraft to all the smalls airports,” he said.

BookMyJet right in time

Saying that the world is moving towards technology, Sharma claimed, “Our industry still does not have working technology. Around 2018, we started working on this, especially the problems that our clients and operators are facing. The biggest problem with the operators is the under-utilisation of their fleet. Secondly, if the clients who are sitting in Tier II and Tier III cities, want to fly charter and there is no base. Thus, BookMyJet was created. Through this technology platform, you can see the helicopter and aircraft availability across India, on a real-time basis,” he explained.

Expansion on cards

BookMyJet and Foresee Aviation do not own any aircraft. “We do not intend to. However, we are signing a contract with an associate company, most likely in Delhi or Bengaluru to induct aircraft and run it on a lease basis. We do not have any aircraft, but have bought hours from many operators in India,” he said.



Connectivity next step in travel world Thu, 13 Oct 2022 04:20:15 +0000

Next Cellular, a division of South African multinational cellular operator Next360, has tied up with Global Panorama Showcase (GPS) to distribute its services through B2B channels across India, offering agents to earn through ancillary services by providing SIM cards to the clients.

TT Bureau

Sharing details about Next Cellular, Jignesh Dave, Founder & CEO, Next Cellular, said, “We have a global presence in 35 countries. From our global travel perspective, we are using India as a distribution hub. At Next Cellular, our vision is to make it simple for global travellers by providing them seamless connectivity and the product should be available at their arms reach. In India, we go through a three-tier distribution, wherein Tier I would be the primary distribution, where we have partnered with Global Panorama Showcase (GPS), which will be our regional business partner going forward exclusively for the India market. Then under GPS, we will be creating a distribution network where we will have channel partners, who would be the B2B travel agents, destination manager, or those B2B travel agents who have a pool of B2C travel agents under them.”

All about convenience

He said that the company wants basic connectivity to be free for a global traveller. “From a thought leadership perspective, we would like to add connectivity to the bouquet of products for travel agents in the industry where they get another avenue for revenue. Thus, it’s another weapon in their arsenal to take the business further and that is where our partnership with GPS comes in. We have confidence in each other’s partnership, where we will bring the market fit product,” he added.

Harmandeep Singh Anand, MD, GPS, shared more details about the partnership and the distribution system. “It’s a three-tier partnership and GPS would be right at the top. We are planning to appoint close to 150 channel partners across all the 29 States and 7 Union Territories of India. Below each of the channel partners we are expecting about 50 authorised resellers. Thus, it will be a completely B2B solution that we bring to the market. The aim is to have everyone within the loop. If a consumer goes on the Next Cellular site and wants a product, they will get the list of all authorised resellers nearby and decide from where to get the service. Thus, instead of going directly, when the consumer approaches the website or our team directly, we will get them to the closest reseller to their location,” he said.

Talking about product in terms of the consumer, Dave said, “For a traveller, we are almost 60 per cent cheaper than current roaming rates in India, which is a pre-arrival market. We are a local network in the destination market, which means we are a competitive product as compared to any other local network that one can find in the destination country. We are focusing on convenience, because before you travel, you have got the SIM card connected and we now have launched E- SIM technology as well, where one does not even need a plastic SIM card. A SIM card can be delivered via WhatsApp and one doesn’t even need to wait for a courier or a plastic SIM card to pick up. We will use E-SIM is to disrupt this market and democratise travel industry using telecommunications. Connectivity is not just a leisure while travelling. It’s an essential.”



Immersing in festivities of Durga Puja Wed, 12 Oct 2022 07:20:04 +0000

In Ashwin month, Durga Puja celebration is observed for ten days. The festival, however, officially starts on the sixth day. It is thought that Goddess Durga arrived on Earth on this day. Shashthi, Maha Saptami, Maha Ashtami, Maha Navami, and Vijayadashami are the five days of Durga Puja. Every day has a unique purpose and importance. According to legends, demons and gods engaged in combat on the day of Mahalaya which is considered to be the first day of the Durga Puja festival.


As Durga puja draws to a close, those who create the clay idols, or “protimas,” live under the constant control of their ongoing task. The TravTalk team has been invited by “Walkathon Tours” on an experiential tour to Jhilmil Kali Bari to learn more about how Durga idols are made, especially the artisans who give the idols their shape. During the tour to the Kali Bari, the TravTalk team met with an artisan by the name of “Sukumar Pal ” who has been carving and sculpting gods for centuries. They have been producing the idol of Durga for 50 years as a vocation. In the workshop, he is also recognised as the principal architect and designer.

The artists share one workshop where they all work, reside, and go about their daily lives in close proximity to their waiting clay idols. An idol unit, or chala, is made up of three goddesses: Lakshmi with her owl, Saraswati seated on a swan, and Durga riding her lion or tiger, flanked by Ganesha with the mouse and Kartik on a peacock. Durga, who is also holding up her ten hands with a weapon in each, stamps the despised Mahishasura underfoot. Intriguingly, the word “Durga” itself means “fort” in architectural terms, much like the enormous construction project performed by the idol makers who set out on a quest to bring these sculpted representations of the pantheon to life.

The creation of the eyes, known as “Chokkhu Daan,” is the most crucial step in the creation of the Durga idol. Only the principal architect creates the eyes of Durga Maa.The phrase “chokkhu daan” also refers to giving or donating one’s eyes, which is Durga Maa’s most distinctive feature.

A large number of other idol builders also travel to Kumartuli at the beginning of the year, which is the largest idol-making center in Bengal. They then alternate between Delhi and Kolkata for the duration of the year before settling in the capital for three to four months before the pujas. The largest puja pandals outside of Kolkata are located here between Chittaranjan Park in south Delhi and Kalibari in East Delhi, making Delhi a large city on their map.Since Goddess Durga vanquished the monster Mahishasur, it is thought that this celebration symbolizes the triumph of good over evil.


Mediterranean as a City – Valencia Wed, 12 Oct 2022 03:52:48 +0000

Continuing with its series of webinars to help the travel trade discover Spain, the Tourism Office of Spain – Mumbai, along with Valencia Tourism, recently conducted a webinar titled ‘Know Valencia’.

TT Bureau

A place full of contrasts awaits the visitor with a charming old town next to futuristic buildings. This is Valencia, one of Spain’s most welcoming cities. Beyond the cultural effervescence of its cities, a stroll is always a good idea, or bathing at its Mediterranean beaches. Of course, you must try the star dish, paella (true authenticity!) and other delicacies such as clams or tiger nut milk.

Valencia is located on Spain’s eastern coast, on the shores of the Mediterranean – a stretch of water which has gradually forged the city’s character over the centuries. Valencia’s location makes it an excellent operational base from which to explore the rest of Spain. At just an hour and a half from Madrid by train, three hours from Barcelona by car, and with daily departures to the Balearic Islands, the capital of the Mediterranean is well worth a visit. Bask in the city’s pleasant climate, stroll along its wide sandy beaches, just 15 minutes from the centre of Valencia, catch a glimpse of its past, sample the local cuisine and discover the richness of its culture.

Any time is a good time to visit Valencia, although if there is one day that is even more special than the rest, it’s 19th March, when they celebrate the famous Fallas by burning gigantic ‘cardboard sculptures’. Its Mediterranean light, mild climate and the bewitching fire make this a city you’ll want to stay in.


Congratulations to the two Winners of Spain Specialist Program (SSP) – Know Valencia Quiz held on September 6, 2022. They take away a five-day trip to Valencia (inclusive of international airfare) in November 2022.

Dorothy Albuquerque, Travco Holidays

It is rightly said hard earned joys are the sweetest. I have been selling and promoting Spain for little over 20 years but a first time to enroll for the Spain Specialist Programme (SSP) to know in-depth about Spain, post which I have actually won a trip to Spain, how exciting! A programme worth enrolling to enhance your skills and improve your selling efficiency. SSP is a well curated programme, which is simple, engaging and exciting, giving you in-depth knowledge about Spain, its regions and topography. The SSP programme enforces the rich regional culture, the magnificent monuments, museums, churches, architectures, efficient transportation, traditional festivities, and many more exciting topics about Spain, making you fall in love with the country.

Mekhla Chandra, Away&Co

The webinar held on 6th September 2022 for Valencia region of Spain was informative and covered all that one needs to know before travelling. The question and answer session was very interactive and it gave the audience a chance to clarify their doubts. There is so much more to Valencia than I knew before this webinar. Moreover, the frequent reminders by the DDP team that organised the webinar were helpful and I did not miss it. The Spain Specialist Program (SSP) is excellent. It has everything that one needs to know about Spain – right from gastronomy, history, geographical locations, sports, events and festivals – of Spain. It is very comprehensive, user friendly and fun with all the quiz questions. It is one of the best tools for any travel agent selling Spain.








Overseas marketing a must Wed, 12 Oct 2022 03:50:04 +0000

With tourism industry recovering fast worldwide, it is time state tourism authorities in India focus on overseas marketing strategies to help inbound players get more tourists, suggest industry experts.

Rajiv Mehra, President, IATO

As far as the state governments are concerned, many of them have declared industry status for the tourism industry, so that is one of the important steps. Secondly, we have been requesting state governments to also participate in the international fairs, at least take the players in that state with them to educate them about the product. We have also requested that the state governments should take 10 to 20 per cent of main tour operators from other states, especially from Delhi or Mumbai, with them to help them understand the offerings of other states. Roadshows within India and abroad is a must.

Ravi Gosain, Vice President, IATO

State tourism is an integral part of industry, I can say because most of our members and tour operators are selling their state tourism to them. They should work more closely with IATO and other national associations that have their members in each and every state. So, when they are going on international platforms for marketing and promotions, they should also take in cognizance of IATO and its members. I hope they will take this action. We have been in touch with many state tourism departments and they are working towards building product knowledge. They are doing lots of product study tours for our members, which, I believe, is very important after two years of shutdown.

Rajnish Kaistha, Honorary Secretary, IATO

We have been requesting Ministry of Tourism on a lot of issues lately. Number one is overseas physical roadshows, so that people after a gap of more than two and a half years can go to the tourism generating markets and new markets as well. This way we can talk to the operators there, create a buzz in the media, and get the people to India. Currently, we are doing virtual roadshows, which are not giving the desired results. So, this is one of the most important things that we are pushing the government to do it for us at the Ministry of Tourism. The other concern is TCS that has been almost resolved.

Compiled by Janice Alyosius


Cordelia Cruises celebrates 1 year Wed, 12 Oct 2022 03:47:25 +0000

As Cordelia Cruises completes one year of sailing, it celebrates the occasion with all its trade partners who have been a part of this incredible journey. ‘It is a proud feeling to have been a part of this milestone,’ says Oneel Verma, COO, Cordelia Cruises, who shares more with TRAVTALK.

TT Bureau

What are your thoughts on the one-year success story of Cordelia Cruises in India?

It is a proud feeling to have been a part of this milestone. Our goal for the Indian market was to carve a niche for domestic cruising and educate our guests and travel partners on domestic sailing and also the fact that it was time we had our very own Indian cruising experience. The response we have received from the West coast and East coast has been truly encouraging. With 100+ sailings and 100,000+ guests in the past one year, we are now more determined than ever to keep marching forward, and keep improving.

Tell us a little about the upcoming festive sailings.

Cordelia Cruises is Indian at heart and what can be more special than recommencing our Mumbai sailings with the auspicious Navratri celebrations. We are thrilled to share everything that we have lined up for our guests for the festive season. We commence the festivities with Navratri celebrations, which will then be followed by Diwali, special screenings for the T20 World Cup, FIFA World Cup and wrapping 2022 with our Christmas Carnival!

With Cordelia Cruises, we are constantly working towards grander celebrations, which are unique. We hope to present a wholesome cruising experience to guests and without a doubt, keeping intact the soul and flavour of India. Everything from the shows, food, infrastructure and everything at Cordelia Cruises is deeply rooted in India.

Are there any special offers that your travel partners can look forward to?

Travel partners are an integral part of the journey ever since our inauguration. We are constantly working towards expressing our gratitude towards our travel partners in the form of special offers, value additions, sharing learnings and much more. The ultimate goal is to work in sync with travel partners and arrive at a juncture that is educating more and more people on cruising and helping them experience an international level cruising with the homegrown flavour intact. To achieve this, we are working in close conjunction with our partners.

Tell us about the First Meet with the first business meet with the travel partners that happened last month.

As Cordelia Cruises completes one year of sailing, with a grateful heart, we wanted to celebrate this moment with everyone who has been a part of this incredible journey.

Travel partners being a vital part of this journey, we wanted to celebrate this milestone with them. The event made it possible for us to share a better understanding of the product with our travel partners and to understand their perspectives better. We had a session where all the members from Cordelia Cruises and the Travel partners came together and discussed the journey so far, challenges from both ends and our plans. For the travel partners this event has been like a learning experience to get a better understanding of the business and functionality of the ship. The idea here is to figure out the best way to collectively promote domestic cruising in India. One of the key highlights was how Cordelia Cruises has brought in Domestic cruising in India and how it is so different from international cruising experience. The two-day event ended with a small award ceremony wherein the travel partners were felicitated by Cordelia Cruises for their support.



Showcasing a tourist-friendly Korea Tue, 11 Oct 2022 13:29:12 +0000

KTO India organised a week-long Grand FAM Trip for the outbound travel agencies to Seoul in Korea. More than a dozen travel agencies participated in the trip, in which B2B meeting were held with nine DMCs and the travel trade was informed that South Korea was fully open for the tourists. Asiana Airlines was the airlines partner for the trip.